heritage center:

Our Vision

Integrating the museum with the heritage village allows us to have static displays of artifacts that require the preservation and controlled environment provided by a museum while permitting interactive displays in an outdoor environment. As funds permit, we will expand the heritage village into a vision of life as it was about 100 years ago both in the village and surrounding farming, forestry and fishing areas.

From the President

When I was asked to serve as Vice President, with an additional two years as President, I initially thought I was the wrong person to fill the position. As a new resident of Pamlico County I have to rely on engagement with the people born in the county to discover the rich history and strong heritage that are here. Honestly, I felt someone from the county would be more appropriate. I now know we all have the ability to develop and cultivate knowledge and civic responsibility through example. If a newcomer can care enough about your heritage to accept this daunting position, then it might inspire those who inherited it to get involved.

It is important that we reach out and offer an opportunity to understand the benefits of involvement in volunteer service; how it shapes character, provides experience and lasts a life time. It is just as important to retain the people who have brought this project forward through sacrifice and dedication. We must establish strong partnerships with local businesses, schools, (including Pamlico Community College), and organizations to improve our ability to meet our ongoing needs. We all can benefit from such alliances.

We use `non-profit’ as a term for PCHA but I feel everyone involved profits in some way. This may be through money spent in our county by visitors to the Museum, future employment opportunities or just the use of goods and labor bought and paid for in the county. We promote a policy of county first. That being said we are a non-profit Association and non-profits generally deal with limited budgets and high workloads. Volunteers and donations are essential to daily operations and upkeep of our grounds and facilities. Our membership shares many implicit goals for the future of our Museum and Heritage Village, but as the elected Board Members and Officers we have been entrusted to develop explicit goals to assure the quality, reach and sustainability of our Museum and Heritage Village.

So, I ask you to get involved, visit the museum, explore opportunities to promote your county, preserve history, and provide educational “hands on” paths to the past for our children. Help us find ways to further grow and continue to be a positive presence in Pamlico County. As President I have a unique opportunity to apply my energy and talent to making this a reality. It is a position I am honored to fill and sincerely hope that I can live up to the standards set by my predecessors. During my term, it is my goal and vision to ensure the security and growth of PCHA, preserve history and open a door to the past for all who want to step through.

Jude Bloom-Dodds, President PCHA

The Museum

The museum opened in August 2009. Many of the early families in Pamlico County have donated enough items that we have a comprehensive display of the County's history. The museum also includes a small gift shop and our family history room with many genealogical records of the County and early families.

The Heritage Village

For now, the heritage village consists of a working blacksmith shop and a one-room schoolhouse. Two other buildings are on the site but not yet open to the public. Future plans include a fishing boat and dock, a farming and a forestry area with interactive exhibits.

Heritage Day

In October each year we celebrate our County's heritage with a one day event. Typical activities include a parade of old farm vehicles and implements, working horses, blacksmithing, tobacco priming, corn shucking and food and entertainment. Please watch our calendar for the next event.